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Sunday, December 4, 2011

International deals on the way !!!                                                                                        www.South shore

Welcome to Portuguese deals for you

As a fellow paisan, letting you know, how this is set up. (being created to locate innovative items to enrich your life, travel ideas, throughout the regional blogs which are basic , currently ..  Stay Tuned , best yet to come. might help , ....view regional blogs.....
Congradulations to Egypt, for all the progress .... Patience is  .......

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In r many areas of the World, sharks are in the waters.  Makes sense right !!!  Some enjoy trying to catch sharks with spears,  however this can be deadly.  The great white shark is relatiely calm, unless provoked (BLOOD IN THE WATER     GET OUT RIGHT AWAY !!!  Sharks grow anywhere up too twenty feet, personally my grandfater caught a thirteen footer, kept in basement , hanging from wall (nice touch for the card room/ basement kitchen/loung .  In austraillia, January, february are months to be xtra carefull, sharks can come in too low areas also, be carefull when at beach (ask locals about sitings etc. )  as said earlier some like to spear the sharks, yet in the 1960's this turned deadly for some fisherman who where bitten in half by the great white !!!  Caution signs & more are there to PROTECT YOU !!! LISTEN..... have a happy holiday season...
Go Fly a Kite .... while on VACATION ? ? ?
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