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Friday, December 2, 2011


Weekends here ...

Never the less, have many things to do.   All that shopping ... Keep an eye out for bargains etc.

Its funny, we alwahttp://creole.comys like bargains, hey its savings... Yet, its also reducing profits for many.  So its a two sided

knife.  With the holidays here, we tend to stay close during the holidays, unless you travel etc... work keeps

many on the Road, SALESMAN & TRUCKERS ALWAYS ON THE GO !!! (others Too...)  Yet as the

holidays arrive, we tend to think of closeness.  The willy wonka atmosphere for some is a joyous time for All to



Growing internationally !!! 


Welcome to Portuguese deals for you

As a fellow paisan, letting you know, how this is set up. (being created to locate innovative items to enrich your life, travel ideas, throughout the regional blogs which are basic , currently ..  Stay Tuned , best yet to come. might help , ....view regional blogs.....
Congradulations to Egypt, for all the progress .... Patience is  .......

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